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Latest news

Making it easier for you to access your account

Published: Wednesday 27 March 2019

From mid-April we’re making a change to the website that means logging into your account will be much, much easier.

We’ve removing the need for a password and simplifying the three-step process down to two simple steps.

Step 1: Enter your log in reference number

Step 2: Enter your memorable date

It’ll be just as secure but so much simpler.

We’ll be making the change around the 16th of April, so if you visit the site and the log in process looks a bit different, please don’t worry. It’ll be just as secure but so much simpler.

Warrington Borough Council change to Direct Matching

Published: Wednesday 13 March 2019

Please note that you will not see any properties being advertised in Warrington as the system has changed to direct matching.  This means applicants will be matched to properties they meet the criteria for in the areas hey have chosen.  For further details please see the Warrington FAQs tab