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Warrington areas of choice

When considering your areas of choice please note the addresses below and the area in which they are included before making your selection. 

For example if you choose Bewsey as one of your areas you will be considered for any and all of the streets listed within that area in the table

This list is for ALL partner landlords who are part of the Under One Roof Scheme.


Area Streets in and around area (not all streets listed)
Alder Lane Area Alder Lane, Corbett Avenue, Alder Crescent, Grace Avenue, Winwick Road, Lathom Avenue, Ireland Street, North Avenue, Shaws Avenue, Central Avenue, Mortimer Avenue
Appleton Thorn/Walton/Moore Chapel Lane, Hatton Lane, Bower Crescent, Walton Lea Road
Appleton/Cobbs Estate Cobbs Lane, BROOMFIELDS, Ash Lane, Dale Lane, Bridge Lane, Bernard Avenue, Guernsey Close, Clydesdale Road, Beverley Avenue, Dingleway, Greenfields Avenue, Waverley Avenue, Waterside, Melrose Avenue, Hinton Crescent
Bewsey Haryngton Avenue, Delves Avenue, Gerrard Avenue, Troutbeck Avenue, Lilford Avenue, Lodge Lane, Plumtre Avenue,  Folly Lane, Trafford Avenue, Bagot Avenue, Rixton Avenue, Warwick Avenue, Bewsey Park Close, Yardley Avenue, Holford Avenue, Norreys Avenue, Penketh Avenue, Lostock Avenue, Clapgates Crescent, Lovely Lane, Folly Farm Close, Calgarth Avenue
Birchwood/Oakwood/Gorse Covert Layton Close, Fiedlfare Close, Halliday Close, Whinchat Close, Whitethroat Walk, Swallow Close, Nightingale Close, Pipit Lane, Redshank Lane, Goldfinch Lane, Blackcap Walk, Teal Close, Mallard Lane, Flaxley Close, Linnet Grove, Curlew Grove, Talbot Close Ringwood Close, Dunnock Grove, Forbes Close, Whitworth Close, Redpoll Lane, Whittlewood Close, Woolmer Close, Gilderdale Close, Kestrel Lane, Leatham Close, Stainmore Close, Miles Close, Partridge Close, Pheasant Close, Keyes Gardens, Chaffinch Close, Kingfisher Close, Rawlings Close, Burrough Close, Woodpecker Close, Gorse Covert Road, Lyster Close
Burtonwood Perrins Road, Kinnock Park, Spurling Road, Haley Road South, Chapel Lane, Mitchell Avenue, Haley Road North, Gleave Close, Norcott Drive, Webb Drive, Clay Lane, Kilshaw Road, Acton Road, Spurling Road, Almond Drive, Gorsey Lane, Knight Road, Fairclough Street, 
Cabul/Quebec as to the left
Chapelford Chapelford Estate
Cinnamon Brow/Fearnhead/Longbarn Lisbon Close, Kings Road, Mere Road, Peasley Close, Oxmead Close, Rowland Close, Montrose Close, Jervis Close, Canada Close, Fallowfield Grove, Fearnhead Lane, Blackledge Close, Blackburne Close, Aspinall Close, Anderson Close, Pasture Lane, Kinross Close, Arran Close
Cleveland/Ulverston/Mendip Mendip Avenue, Cleveland Road, Ennerdale Avenue, Swindale Avenue, Petworth Avenue, Ennerdale Avenue, Ulverston Avenue, Grisedale Avenue
Cotswold/Chiltern/Toll Bar Cotswold Road, Toll Bar Road, Chiltern Place, Kentmere Place, Cheviot Avenue, Seaford Place, Lancing Avenue, Wansfell Place, Oxenham Road, Pentland Avenue, Cotswold Place, Winwick Road, Crawley Avenue, Chiltern Crescent
Culcheth Glebeland, Crofton Gardens, Broadhurst Avenue, Hampson Avenue, Kaye Avenue, Lansdowne, Poplar Avenue, Jackson Avenue, Warrington Road, Charnock Road, Withington Avenue, Ellesmere Road, Newchurch Lane, Downham Avenue, Walton Road, Beech Avenue, Crossfield Avenue, Hawthorne Avenue, York Avenue, Whitegate Avenue, Wirral Close, Shaw Street
Dallam Mullen Close, Bardsley Avenue, Longshaw Street, Hawleys Lane, Higham Avenue, Marshall Avenue, Hodgkinson Avenue, Massey Avenue, Rutter Avenue, Boulting Avenue, Lewis Avenue, Gale Avenue, Dagnall Avenue, Phoenix Avenue, Summerfield Avenue, Hindle Avenue, Conway Avenue, Caldwell Avenue, Harrison Square, Tavlin Avenue
Fisher/Clough Avenue Fisher Avenue, Clough Avenue. Cossack Avenue
Glazebury/Croft Queens Avenue, Round Thorn, Duke Avenue, Coronation Avenue, Smithy Lane, Birchall Street, Oak Street, Gerrard Road, Roberts Fold
Grappenhall Knutsford Road, Georges Crescent
Grasmere Avenue Grasmere Avenue Estate
Great Sankey Chippindall Close, Shiggins Close, Yates Close, Brentnall Close, Winstanley Close, Sheffield Close, Hurley Close, Beverley Road, Worsborugh Avenue, Littleton Close, Grosvenor Close, Fildes Close, Worsborough Avenue, Lindsworth Close, Canford Close, Bevan Close, Shiggins Close, Birdwell Drive, Hurley Close, Wheatcroft Close, Hlemsdale Lane, Rosemary Close, Payne Close, Reaper Close, Vose Close, Winstanley Close, Lowry Close, North View, Snowdon Close, Park Road, Sankey Manor, Sunnyside, Cronulla Drive
Greenwood Cres Area Greenwood Crescent
Howley St Katherines Way, Farrell Street, Stephen Street, St Elphins Close, Fairclough Avenue, Harbord Street, Glazebrook Street, College Close, Wood Street, Wellington Street, Brandwood House, Colling Court, Howley Meadows
Locking Stumps Trefoil Close, Fern Close, Renown Close, Violet Close, Heather Close, Vanguard Court, Campion Close, Strawberry Close, Bracken Close, Centurion Close
Longford Marron Avenue, Crowe Avenue, Ajax Avenue, Densham Avenue, Hunter Avenue, Dean Crescent, Gough Avenue, McKee Avenue, Sinclair Avenue, Cooper Avenue, Locker Avenue, Brandwood Avenue, Gough Avenue, Poole Crescent, Armour Avenue
Loushers Lane area Secker Avenue, Pearson Avenue, Archer Avenue, Pearson Close, Westbrook Avenue, Minerva Close, Clarke Avenue, Secker Crescent, Loushers Lane, Coleport Close
Lower Poplars Avenue (up to 180) and streets off Hughes Place, Hughes Avenue, Park Road, Caldbeck Avenue, Capesthorne Road, Poplars Avenue, Neville Avenue, Bruce Avenue, Osborne Avenue, Darwen Gardens, Derek Avenue, Fairbrother Crescent, Boyle Avenue, Harding Avenue, Whittaker Avenue, Martin Avenue, Whitby Avenue, Sealand Close
Lymm Manor Close, Booths Hill Close, Barsbank Close, Moston Grove, Princess Road, The Crescent, Whitbarrow Road, Thornley Close, Orchard Avenue, Barsbank Lane, Hawthorne Road, Park Road, John Road, Racefield Close, David Road, Pepper Street, Daisy Bank Road, Crouchley Lane Oak Road, Highfield Road, Newfield Road, Fairfield Road
Mee Brow Churchill Avenue, Bevin Avenue, Beaverbrook Avenue, Attlee Avenue, Eden Avenue, Allen Avenue
Mid Poplars Avenue (Between 182-300) and streets off Festival Crescent, Festival Avenue, Poplars Place, Statham Avenue, Morgan House, Small Avenue, Small Crescent, Neville Avenue, Windermere Avenue, Bentham Avenue, Howson Road, Ullswater Avenue, Buttermere Crescent, Ambleside Crescent, Eskdale Avenue, Honister Avenue, Kirkstone Avenue, Cartmel Avenue, Patterdale Avenue, Appleby Road, Borrowdale Avenue, Thirlmere Avenue, Patterdale Avenue, Mardale Avenue, Buttermere Avenue, Thirlmere Avenue, Kendal Avenue, Bowness Avenue, Keswick Avenue, Keswick Crescent
New Road Area Knutsford Road, New Road, Pear Tree Place, Oxford Street, Slater Street, Lyon Court
Northway/Long Lane Northway, Long Lane
Old Hall Colwyn Close, Granston Close, Monkswood Close, Langland Close, Barmouth Close, Chepstow Close, Holyhead Close, Wrexham Close, Bala Close, Granston Close, Fairbourne Close, Lydbury Close, Lander Close, Gregory Close, Livingstone Close, Cavendish Close, Ross Close, Tasman Close, Nansen Close
Old Padgate Mason Avenue, Princess Avenue, Beechwood Avenue, Green Lane, Hazel Grove, Hawthrone Avenue
Orange Grove/Avery Close Orange Grove/Avery Close
Oughtrington Hopefield Road, Sandy Lane, Woodbine Road, High Legh Road, Ashcroft Road, Holly Road, Rushgreen Road
Padgate (Jurby Court, Duxford Court, Blenheim Close) Kingsway North, Hazel Street, Hume Street, Princess Avenue, Stansfield Avenue, Clarence Street, Bennett Avenue, Cornwall Street, King George Crescent, Orford Road, Paddington Bank, King Edward Street, Alexandra Street, Station Road North
Penketh/Cuerdley Meeting Lane, Thorn Close, Clifford Road, Neville Crescent, Farnworth Road, The Grove, Windmill Lane, Cuerdley Green, Moss Side Lane
Rixton/Glazebrook Warburton View, Sycamore Crescent, Orchard Brow, Bank Street, Birch Road, Vetch Close, Lime Close, Ash Road, Bank Street
Sandy Lane/St Stephens Ave St Stephens Avenue, Sandy Lane West, Sandy Lane
Sankey Bridges/Whitecross Whitecross Road, Leciester Street, Collin Street, Old Liverpool Road, Robert Street, Bramhall Street, Manley Gardens, Evelyn Street, Ripley Street, Broadhurst Avenue, Windsor Street, Grafton Street, Kimberley Street, Brighton Street, Wellfield Street, Hepherd Street, Roughley Avenue, Hesketh Street North
Southworth Avenue/Reid Avenue/Molyneux Ave Southworth Avenue/Reid Avenue/Molyneux Ave
Statham(Lymm) Nothway, Oldfield Road, Pool Lane, Albany Road, Sycamore Drive, Albany Crescent
Stockton Heath Mill Lane, Ackers Lane, Carlisle Street, Lilac Grove, Chadwick Avenue, East Avenue, Sandy Lane, Arley Avenue, Brian Avenue, Limetree Avenue, Eagle Mount, Stafford Road, Weir Street, Wilderspool Causeway
Top Poplars Avenue(above 300) Newhaven Road Poplars Avenue, Newhaven Road, Hastings Avenue, Bexhill Avenue
Town Area (Watkin Street, St Peters Way,Greenings Court, Rylock Close) Froghall Lane, Cromwell Court, Allen Street, Rolleston Street, Arpley Street, Salibury Street, Hale Street, Watkin Street, St Peters Way, Cobden Street, Hardy Street, Annie Street, Melville Close, Cyril Street, Helsby Street, Sharp Street, Dudley Street, Houghton Street, Foster Street, Leonard Street, Greening Court, Rynet Court, Rylock Close
Vulcan Close/Valiant Close Vulcan Close/Valiant Close
Westy Richmond Avenue, Reynolds Street, Broadbent Avenue, Barrymore Avenue, Banks Crescent, Westy Lane, Worsley Avenue, Bryant Avenue, Budworth Avenue, Kingsway South, Brindley Avenue, Garnett Avenue, Betjeman Close, Kingsway House, Bowman Avenue, Henshall Avenue, Bridgewater Avenue, Morris Avenue, Davenport Avenue, Thelwall Lane, Boydell Avenue, Westy Lane, Gaskell Avenue, Stringer Crescent, Chaucer Place, Pendlebury Street, Shelley Grove, Seabury Street, Chantler Avenue, Plinston Avenue, Simkin Avenue, Pichael Nook, Lowe Avenue, Bolton Avenue, Sandhurst Street, Newman Street, Nook Lane, Belmont Avenue, Grange Avenue, Bowman Avenue, Waring Avenue, Whitley Avenue, Davies Avenue, Tilston Avenue, Marsden Avenue, Mort Avenue, Lindley Avenue, Timperley Avenue, St Augustines Avenue, Poachers Lane, Pigot Place, Mersey Walk, Brook Avenue, Charlton Street, Bridge Avenue, Simkin Avenue, Griffiths Street, Moxon Avenue, Evans Place, Myrtle Grove, Oldham Street, Park Avenue, Fulton Close, Ottawa Gardens
Winwick Ilex Avenue, Myddleton Lane, St Oswald Close, Maple Road, Ash Road
Woolston WOOLSTON HALL, Hillock Lane, Hill Top Road, Fitzwalter Road, Hall Road, Ryder Road, Gig Lane, Parksway, Langton Green, Marshall Road