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Upgrade to Under One Roof - access to website via mobile

Published: Thursday 11 January 2024


We are currently undertaking an upgrade to the Under One Roof website which will be completed in June 2024.  Unfortunately this means the mobile version of the website is unavailable. 

You may be able to access the desktop version of the website using your mobile by following these steps : 

 Android phone :

Search under one roof

In the top right-hand corner, there are 3 dots

Click on the 3 dots

Choose the option for Desktop site

This should then give you access to the full website


Apple iphone

Search under one roof

On the search bar at the bottom you will see AA

Click on the AA


If you would like further assistance 

Choose the option Website settings

Slide to turn on the option on for Request Desktop website

Press done


Alternatively you may wish to us a laptop or PC to access the website.  Torus offices offer free use of their computers 

If you need any further assistance please contact your local teams : 

St Helens   :

Warrington :

Christmas Arrangements

Published: Thursday 21 December 2023

Due to the Christmas holidays the Under One Roof service will be closed from 5pm on Friday 22nd December and will re-open at  9am on Tuesday 2nd January.  We will be responding to any messages and emails in order of receipt once we return to work.

If your situation is urgent or you require emergency accommodation please contact St Helens Council: or  Warrington Council:


Coming Soon - Kingsway House , Warrington

Published: Wednesday 22 November 2023

Kingsway House, Warrington  is currently being refurbished and is expected to be ready to let from January 2024.  

A range of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments will be available to rent -  subject to a local lettings policy as below 

If you are interested you will need to register on Under One Roof.  If you are registered make sure you have selected WESTY as one of your areas 

Kingsway House 

St Helens Council new Allocations Policy

Published: Friday 23 September 2022

The St Helens Council Allocations Policy will be changing from 2023.  In preparation for the changes Under One Roof are writing to all current customers to ask if they wish to remain on the list. 

We began sending out 500 emails per week from 3rd October.  We started by contacting applicants in band D first by the longest date and will have this completed all Band D contact by mid December.  We will then contact Band C in January and so on.  Please note we will be contacting all applicants in date order so it will take us some time as we currently have 10000 on the waiting list.   Even if you are bidding, please make sure you send a response to the email address given as your application will be cancelled if we do not have a response. Please make sure you check your junk and spam folders as the email may go into those folders depending on how your account is set up 


St Helens - Reduced properties available

Published: Friday 8 July 2022

Whilst the Under One roof service in St Helens is  operating as usual we are finding that we have a reduced number of adverts being sent to us by the partner landlords.

This means that some weeks we may not have properties available in your areas of choice or we may not have the property type available that you are looking for.  Please remember Under One Roof can only advertise properties as we are sent them by the landlords. We are also experiencing a conmsiderable increase in demand for rehousing so there are more people bidding for properties that do become available